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This was an assignment to take photos of Baruch’s MBA students to be used by their marketing communications department. We worked with a small group of MBA students to produce the shots needed. Show here is the trading desk classroom. For 3 days we covered most of their new vertical campus,           for the inside view. They even have a broadcast studio, complete with control room.



Baruch College Shoot and more

This is a shoot with the two advertising agency executives, the CEO and partner of the DeVito Group. This photo was taken in their conference room, one of the final images selected. After the shoot, their creative director asked us to remove the rug and clean up the image. You can see this in the before and after photo.

We’ve covered BLT’s gallery launch and most of their major openings. The gallery is located on the Bowery and across from the New Museum of Contemporary Art. One of their exhibits include an artist who have worked with and was one of Picasso’s companions. For more photos.